Ground Representation

Anemone Ventures gives you peace of mind when developing your business in Asia. We utilize a systematic process that includes three steps: Evaluate, Enter, and Expand.


We evaluate your business needs and goals by leveraging our market insight and on-the-ground experience. Then, our multidisciplinary team, equipped with technical knowledge and a wide scope of professional network, presents you with a clear market entry plan.

Through the evaluation process, we will:

  • Assess your budget and timeline
  • Analyze your compliance on regulations, tax, and HR matter for the target market
  • Identify your competitive edge and potential in the target market
  • Locate your potential local partners
  • Recommend solid business entry strategy


We will guide you through and ease the process of entering your target market:

  • Connect you with trusted local partners with matching capabilities
  • Reach key decision makers and work closely with end customers
  • Manage existing or open new sales channels
  • Engage in your sales promotion efforts in the target market


We will be your ground representative to update you with local market shifts and trends, as well as communicate your demands with local partners to ensure your interest is protected at all times.

Our on-the-ground presence enables you to:

  • Grow sales
  • Track local business development progress
  • Observe local market shifts and trends
  • Identify emerging business opportunities
  • Communicate demands and reply inquiries promptly to local partners
  • Protect your business interest
  • Have a local representative for in-person events and meetings
  • Eliminate time zone differences, language barriers, and travel restrictions