SeaErra develops innovative AI based solutions, enabling underwater vision and operations, improving visibility, contrast and colors in real-time. SeaErra was established by Carmel ltd, the economic corporation of the university of Haifa with the investment of Carmel Innovations fund. SeaErra is based on innovative technology developed and led by Dr. Tali Treibitz, at the Leon H. Charney School for Marine Sciences, University of Haifa.


Anemone Ventures mission was to facilitate SeaErra entry to Asia by developing strategic collaborations with local player and by identifying strategic investors to further enhance their research and development capabilities.


” Anemone Ventures professional support was very fruitful in marketing our solutions and led to concrete discussions with strategic players. The dedication and network of the Anemone team connected us to various Asian market players, expediting our market reach.”

– Elka Nir, CEO of Carmel Ltd. and Carmel Innovations Funds