The European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, under Technology Committee hosted a webinar on the topic of “Covid-19 vaccination practice: Lessons from Israel” featuring the guest speaker Dr. Manfred Green, Professor of Public Health at the University of Haifa in Israel.

According to Green a high percentage of the world’s population (around 90%) needs to be vaccinated if we are to achieve herd immunity and overcome the crisis. If not, the virus will keep spreading and mutating. This is why it is crucial to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible and rich countries need to help developing countries to get sufficient quantities of the vaccine.

On the question about the side-effects of the AstraZeneca, Green said that vaccines are remarkably safe and that the dangers have likely been exaggerated in the media.

He made the point that we need to plan better for the next pandemic, which will require international cooperation among governments and companies.

Please read the full event report here.
For the webinar recording, please refer to link.