Market Entry


Our extensive knowledge of the local market, along with years of experience and a multidisciplinary team of professionals will all come together in planning and implementing your strategy.

Once we have evaluated your competitive advantage, we will help you choose the best strategy for any given situation, based on our acquaintances within the market, the competition, the regulatory environment, and taking into account financial, legal, HR, and tax considerations. We provide  ongoing support throughout the project and make recommendations on technologies to launch business models and marketing strategies to deploy, channels and partners to focus on, and general adaptations to consider.

As part of our recommendations on business planning, we advise on which opportunity to address and which to disregard. We also help you to carefully evaluate the relevance of your resources and budget allocation to assure your business plans capture the targeted market.

We prepare travel plans to meet potential partners by taking charge of ground logistics, transportation, and accommodation. During the meetings, Anemone Ventures can assure that decision makers are involved in the discussion and remain the ground window for follow-up communication and direct discussion.

We closely assist with mapping out your market and identifying your competitive advantage. By doing so, we help you explore opportunities available in your target countries, identify potential leads and find the best ways to approach them.

We provide you with a market research presenting an overview of the market landscape, trends, major players, competitors, challenges and opportunities, potential partners and business behavioral characteristics for your sector. We also address practical aspects you may wish to adapt in the target country, market potential, segments you should consider, and other specific matters for greater market visibility.

We keep you updated on any relevant news in your market segment and provide you with greater market visibility. Keeping a vigilant eye on the targeted market enables us to quickly identify new opportunities and partnerships for your business.

We inform you of relevant exhibitions, conferences, and seminars to attend, and coordinate all the related logistics. While you are away, we represent your interests on your behalf at local events, exhibitions and conferences. Relevant exhibitions or conferences in your industry enable participants to collect market intelligence and to meet potential partners face to face. They also show the interest of a region in certain sectors and provide serious leads on the market trends that will define the future of your industry.

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