Ground Representation


Even after expanding the reach of your business, Anemone Ventures remains a powerful ambassador of your success in Asia. As conducting business in Asia requires long-term relationships and commitment, we constantly strive to enhance our partners' relationships and maintain an open two-way communication flow.

We recommend actions to take according to our partners' feedbacks and alert them regarding challenges before they become an obstacle to the continuity of your activities. Without any delays or communication difficulties, we coordinate your visits and meetings with partners and all other preparations for special events. We also assure your business travels are carefully planned and coordinated so you are worry-free of any logistics.

Serving as your local point of contact, we oversee local sales and support teams, making sure your targets are met according to your budget and timeline. Our support in local language and availability during operating hours makes you more accessible to your partners, and vice-versa. This quality and frequent flow of information allow you to adapt faster to the changing market requirements.

Expanding your business in Asia, finding new partners and expanding sales are only the beginning of your journey. At Anemone Ventures, we relentlessly watch for new commercial opportunities and ways to increase your business presence according to the market trends. Whether it's new geographical territories, rising segments, or a change in competitors' direction, we constantly keep you updated and informed in your target markets.

With our experience and attention to your local partners and market trends, we provide alerts on potential risks and market adaptations. In case of an actual crisis, our presence on the ground enables you to address the problem immediately while protecting your best interests. With tight communication and frequent back and forth feedback, we are able to be your ears on the ground and inform you when necessary.

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