29 六 2018

Advantech Co (研華) previewed its vision for an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market, which it said would gradually take shape in the next five to 10 years and add value to the company’s hardware offerings. The world’s largest industrial computer supplier aims to sow the seeds for the IIoT market through a “cocreation” model, making early bets on developers of intelligent solutions that would be powered by its cloud computing platform.

IIoT applications would become widely implemented across a multitude of industries and Advantech is working closely with industry professionals to integrate their knowledge with the coming technology shift and create solution-ready packages (SRPs).

18 五 2018

Audi今日出席COMPUTEX新創記者會,呼應今年大會的主題之一「新創」,預告在即將到來的盛會中將有一系列活動。首先於COMPUTEX開展日登場的是第一屆Audi Innovation Award決賽暨頒獎典禮, Audi希望透過競賽的舉辦與台灣優秀的新創團隊共同攜手,從最新科技到突破性的商業模式,尋求形塑未來智慧移動的各種可能性,並幫助台灣的新創團隊於國際上嶄露頭角,獲得與世界智慧移動潮流接軌的機會。此外,Audi將在InnoVEX論壇上分享對smart mobility看法,鼓勵更多台灣新創團隊加入Audi打造未來智慧移動的隊伍;而Audi全球創新小組負責人也將於COMPUTEX的Future Trend論壇中深入剖析未來駕馭的新面貌。

首屆Audi Innovation Award決賽暨頒獎典禮將於6月5日COMPUTEX隆重登場。看重台灣成為亞洲智慧運輸發展樞紐潛力,台灣奧迪舉辦首屆Audi Innovation Award,希望連結台灣優秀新創團體,發展更多智慧移動領域的解決方案。


20 四 2018

駐台北以色列經濟文化辦事處4月19日在台北市政府舉行國慶酒會,外交部次長劉德立代表我國政府出席。劉德立表示,台以雙方目前已簽訂27項雙邊協定,目前另有2項協定洽談中;以色列駐台代表游亞旭(Asher Yarden)透露,這兩個協議即將於2018年簽署,包含《打工度假協定》及《兩國駕照互相承認協定》,為台以關係之重要里程碑。

12 四 2018

隨著車聯網趨勢發展,「創新」成為汽車產業目前最重要的目標,全球各大車廠皆在思考如何將數位科技融入汽車裡,提高駕駛及乘客的舒適便利性,其中最積極的就是奧迪汽車。Audi數位事業經理Angela Leibinger表示,永續性、城市化、數位化及自動駕駛,是未來智慧運輸(Smart Mobility)發展的四個趨勢,也是奧迪目前的品牌策略。

12 四 2018

"....Taiwan has a reasonable cost structure, with reasonable offerings to tech companies in terms of utilities, rentals and labor costs," says William Foreman, president of the 1,000-member American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei. Government incentives and other support help too, he adds.

The Taiwan conditions that motivated investments by Google, IBM and Microsoft may attract others over time, analysts say...."

06 三 2018
​Taipei is planning to offer an electric car-sharing service, Ucar, in mid-March. Building on the success of Taipei’s Youbike and Umotor experience, Unicar, the electric car rental company, is aimed at testing market response, as Taipei is also promoting green energy-oriented transportation.

13 二 2018
The shareholders of Taiwan’s two biggest integrated circuit packaging and testing service providers Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE) and Siliconware Precision Industries Co Ltd. (SPIL) have approved the merger deal.

18 一 2018

The New Taipei City Government and Amazon Web Services (AWS) - a cloud-computing subsidiary of Amazon Inc – plan to establish a joint innovation center in the city. The center is to provide training and technical assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises and to help schools cultivating talent.

12 一 2018

Microsoft announced the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI) research and development (R&D) center in Taiwan. The company’s aim is to hire and train more than 200 researchers in the next five years to boost the nation’s AI industry.

10 一 2018

Visit us at the ‘International Mediterranean Tourism Market 2018’ (IMTM) in Israel at the Tel-Aviv Convention Center, in booth #103, Pavilion 2, from the 6th-7th February and explore why Taiwan is an amazing place to visit!

29 十二 2017

The first official Taiwanese delegation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is to be the third-largest after those of France and the Netherlands. The CES, taking place from Jan. 9 to Jan. 12, is the world’s biggest annual consumer electronics show, where technology giants and

22 十一 2017

Taipei is planning to introduce a smart parking system in the hope of reducing traffic congestion and creating more available parking at any given time. In cooperation with five hi-tech companies, the city government will install geomagnetic sensors to transmit real-time information at 53 special parking spots within the city.

13 十一 2017
The production value of the nation’s IC industry to hit NT$2.64 trillion (US$87.5 billion) in 2018, registering the world’s highest growth of 7.1 percent. The fast development of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) should boost Taiwan’s semiconductor industry in 2018, and by 2020 its annual output is likely to reach NT$3 trillion.

02 十 2017

The bus tests are partly to prove that the autonomous-driving technology is safe to deploy on the city’s busy streets, and partly to gather the data needed to improve the artificial intelligence that steer such vehicles. The effort, one of the earliest in Asia, could help position Taiwan as both a pioneer in autonomous public transportation and, if things go according to plan, a producer of driverless buses.

22 九 2017

The European Commission recently released a report titled "The EU Trade Policy Review," which states that the EU plans to expand its relations with Taiwan and is prepared to start negotiations with the country on investment. 

As the EU is Taiwan's fifth-largest trade partner and the largest source of foreign investment, Taiwan has high hopes of starting talks on a Taiwan-EU investment agreement.

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