23 Jun 2016
Revamping Taiwan government’s rules-making procedures, preparing a stellar case for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) candidacy, ensuring a stable and reliable supply of energy and water, and boosting Taiwan’s ability to attract and retain talent – these were the main recommendations presented by the AmCham Taipei when launching the 2016 Taiwan White Paper at the Regent Taipei earlier this month. 
Anemone Ventures' CEO, Revital, contributed to the White Paper on Technology, which you can read here.

04 Aug 2016

Save the date! On August 17th, join the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei and HTC's Chief of Staff to CEO, Mr. Jimmy Feng, for a special luncheon on Virtual Reality. The event will be hosted by AmCham's Technology Committee, co-chaired by Ms. Revital Shpangental Golan, Anemone Venture's CEO.

 Learn more about the future and the applications of the VR industry, which is growing to become a multi-billion dollar industry by next year.

To register for this special luncheon, click here.

20 Sep 2016

In 2016, individuals and corporations alike depend more than ever on software, connected devices, and cloud technology to manage everything from day-to-day operations to sensitive personal and financial data. As the “Internet of Things” continues to expand, so too will the number of points that are vulnerable to attack.

26 Oct 2016

On October 6, AmCham Taipei joined hands with three influential Taiwanese associations – the Information Service Industry Association of the R.O.C. (CISA), the Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan, and Taipei Computer Association (TCA) – to host the 2016 Cybersecurity Forum.

23 Nov 2016

GSC 2016:가을, 2일 차 데모데이 섹션 두 번째 시간은 경영전략 컨설팅 기업 헤브론스타의 육성 스타트업의 발표가 진행되었다. 헤브론스타는 스타트업을 대상으로 자금지원 및 투자, 전략, 컨설팅, 글로벌 마케팅을 지원하고 있으며, 현재 약 20여 개의 스타트업이 참여하고 있는 액셀러레이션 프로그램 H-Camp 1기와 2기를 운영하고 있다.

09 Jan 2017

Event location:
 7מכון היצוא, בית התעשיינים, המרד 29 ת"א, קומה 

Date and time: Tuesday Jan. 10th, 10:00`12:00

הממשל החדש בטיוואן מוביל מהלך משמעותי של החלפת שיטות ייצור אנרגיה מסורתיות וגרעיניות לפתרונות אלטרנטיביים. ההתפתחות יכולה להוות הזדמנות עסקית לחברות ישראליות בתחומים כגון אנרגיות ירוקות ואלטרנטיביות, אנרגיה סולרית, אנרגיית הרוח, ביו-פיול, התייעלות אנרגטית , תאורות לד, פתרונות לאגירת אנרגיה ועוד. 

11 Dec 2014

Ms. Revital Shpangental, Founder & Managing Director at Anemone Ventures, will give a presentation on January 3rd, 2015, at Fu-Jen University in Taipei, with a topic named "The Journey of Entrepreneurship, Is it for you?"

Her speech will lead you through the Entrepreneurship journey. She will introduce her own story, telling how and why she came from Israel, a Start-up Nation', to establish her own venture in Taiwan.

She will present Entrepreneurship as a thrilling and challenging way for young people to consider in their career choices. Revital believes that considering a comfortable safe job in an established corporation is a valid solid option, while entrepreneurship should be considered more as a way of life.

Revital will also describe the essential features of a successful entrepreneur and share some general tips for those who contemplate this path.

19 Apr 2017
Eric Joely, Coreflow CEO key note speech addressing the topic of 'High Precision Non-Contact Handling for R2R Applications' at the Display Tech Salon - an annual event hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA) on April 4th.
Representatives of LG Display and Samsung Display were among other key note speakers in the event that hosted 160 participants from 70 related companies including Dupont and Kateeva.

30 Oct 2015

在台灣定居 14 年的葛瑞棻是以色列人,因為喜歡台灣選擇在這裡創業,她的公司亞蒙國際管理顧問提供以色列、台灣兩國之間洽商投資的專業顧問服務,長年在以色列和台灣兩地跑,她注意到越來越多亞洲國家找以色列合作,在這之中卻獨缺台灣,葛瑞棻直言台灣已經落後南韓和中國很多,「它們早就明白以色列的重要性,這場遊戲台灣快要輸了。」葛瑞棻說起來十分憂心


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