Taiwan manufacturers come home from China, as trade war feeds into economic debate at election

Revital Shpangental is CEO of Taipei-based Anemone Ventures, a consultancy that helps tech companies set up in Taiwan. She said the trade war has helped attract more interest in doing business in Taiwan, but that there are major concerns over whether the Taiwanese electric power infrastructure can deal with the influx.

“Taiwan is also struggling to maintain its professional talent. Taiwan needs to think beyond Taiwan, it needs to be a hub for international companies wanting to deploy their products and services to Asia. It still has an island mentality. In my opinion, Taiwan could be a global hub if it tackled a lot of the issues that it still has,” said Shpangental.

“How sustainable is the repatriating? Nobody knows, because if there's a new US president and tariffs are off, will everybody return to China?” she continued. “My thinking is that Taiwanese companies would definitely want to have a very strong footprint in China and continue to dance at both weddings.”

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