Carmel Corp. and the Carmel Innovation Fund of the University of Haifa at the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo

The annual Healthcare Expo Taiwan, held between Dec. 5th to the 8th, is an exhibition addressing smart healthcare technology, medical treatment, smart life concept and solutions. The Expo brings together over 500 exhibitors and hosts 1,800 booths, featuring more than 70 medical centers and specialty hospitals, attracting 3,000 international visitors and delegations grasping opportunities in the healthcare businesses.

 Carmel Ltd. & Carmel Innovation Funds were among the exhibitors and a guest speaker at the event.

The international visitors and the locals within the audience were impressed by the business model of the University of Haifa and Carmel Ltd., Carmel Innovation Funds, particularly through the various technologies and startup companies showcased within the presentation.

Special interest was for the underwater imaging technology by SeaErra Vision Ltd, a portfolio company on the Carmel Innovation Fund.

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