Global Startup Talents@ Taipei Program

The 2017 first Global Startup Talents@Taipei Program for international technological startups in IoT, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, and ICT took place in Taipei, between Nov. 15th through the 30th.

After a long selection process of over 80 companies, 20 international startups were invited by the Taipei City Government for a two weeks program in Taipei. The program included participation in the Meet Taipei startup week, meetings with investors & industry leaders and touring around Taiwan.

Anemone Ventures was proud to be a partner of the Taipei City Government in bringing exceptional startups from Israel, Poland and France including; Ovucon (Israel), Clearskin (Israel) and Sundose (Poland).

The startup teams are returning home with deep understanding of why Taiwan is called 'The Asia Silicon Valley' and how it can become a spring board to other Asian countries.

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