09 Jul 2019

Taiwan's first elevator pitch contest organized by Taiwan Accelerator is now open for registration up until August 16th

This year’s event, under the theme “Tech for Good”, is open to Taiwan-based startups and gives them the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas in a 60-seconds pitch. We are sharing event information below. 

31 May 2019

InnoVEX Taiwan, held from May 29th to May 31st at the Taipei World Trade Center, a feature exhibit of COMPUTEX 2019, welcomed local and foreign startups to display their technological innovations.InnoVEX Taiwan, held from May 29th to May 31st at the Taipei World Trade Center, a feature exhibit of COMPUTEX 2019, welcomed local and foreign startups to display their technological innovations.

15 May 2019

靜宜大學國際學院舉辦「從靜宜接軌國際職場(From University to International Work Place)」全英語論壇,邀請金融投資、人力資源及創新創業等領域的國際級大師,分享跨國企業經營、人才需求、招聘方向及選才標準等,以強化學生實戰經驗與就業競爭力,順利接軌國際職場!

國際學院副院長高中表示,此次邀請經驗豐富的金融圈教父、前花旗環球證券台灣區研究部主管谷月涵(Peter Kurz)、Boyden公司大中華地區領導及合夥人Bill Farrell、美國著名製藥集團台灣區總經理Petra Jumpers,及亞蒙國際管理顧問公司執行長葛瑞芬(Revital Shpangental)等大師,分享國際管理、人才需求的招募與條件。提醒想到跨國企業任職的學生,不僅專業強、外能好,也要具備國際移動、跨文化溝通等能力,必能成為企業求才的首選。

30 Apr 2019

Hosted and moderated by Anemone Ventures Founder and CEO Revital Shpangental, the event featured senior executives speakers such as Bill Farrell, Managing Partner at Greater China Boyden and Peter Kurz, former Chairman of Citigroup Global Capital Markets in Taiwan, Chief Strategy Officer of QIC and an entrepreneur.

Bill Farrell shared his expertise on ‘what MNCs look for in their executives when hiring’, while Peter Kurz talked about the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria as a new measure of success for companies.

Professor Sheng-Yung Yang, Dean of the International College and Vice President of International Affairs of PU later joined the panel discussion and explained how PU prepares its students to work in an international environment, and how PU intends to remain competitive and face the AI revolution.

30 Aug 2018

Anemone Ventures is organizing the 3rd Annual Dragons' Chamber Taiwan hosted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (the CCCT).

If you are an entrepreneur ready to enter the Dragons’ Chamber and make that big pitch for your idea, sign up for the event here, before the September 25th deadline.


29 Aug 2018

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA, 外貿協會) and its Finnish counterpart on Wednesday last week signed a memorandum of understanding in Taipei to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Businesses exchanges are expected to increase because of the agreement, TAITRA said. The agreement was signed by TAITRA and Business Finland — the major Finnish funding agency for financial research and innovation — at the Fifth Taiwan-Finland Economic and Trade Dialogue.

24 Aug 2018

Taiwan’s goal to develop a world-class green energy industry and reduce green-house gas emissions by 20%, and phase out nuclear energy by 2025 offer an abundance of businessopportunities for international companies in Taiwan. 

23 Aug 2018

As co-chairs of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Technology Committee, Cynthia Chen (IBM Taiwan) and Revital (Anemone Ventures Ltd.) were happy to meet Audrey Tang (Digital Minister of Taiwan). Audrey Tang addressed her views on Taiwan's digital governance and activities relating to cross-ministries digital economy, which included data responsibility and protection, the statistics act, the sandbox initiatives, and more.

17 Jul 2018

Panel Theme Open Free Internet as Taiwan’s Key Competitive Strength.

The open and free internet environment is a key international competitive advantage for Taiwan, especially in Asia. How to make good use of this advantage to make our network environment more convenient and safer, and to attract business opportunities around the world. This may affect Taiwan’s economic lifeline and even the right to survival. What kinds of Internet governance policies can make Taiwan's Internet environment more competitive

02 Jul 2018

2050年,全球人口將從70億成長到96億人,糧食需求將增加七成,克服糧食短缺成為熱議挑戰!根據Startup Genome釋出的全球創業生態系報告 (GSER, Global Startup Ecosystem Report) ,「農業科技與新食物」項目在2015- 2017 年投資成長率排名第二,食農產業將是下一個起飛與翻轉的產業。

台灣以農為本、美食聞名國際,面對科技轉型與現代品牌形塑等挑戰接踵而至,如何透過創新思維與管理方法有效引領食農產業升級,包括對國內提供更安全、友善的食物,對國外宣傳台灣優質食農產品至國際舞台,近年興起國內外領導者討論。由好食好事基金會舉辦的「食農創新領袖營」與全球第一創新學府美國麻省理工學院MIT合作,邀請到MIT專業領導管理名師David Niño來台分享創新領導方法與管理思維,邀集近百名食農領域產官學研專家,與國內、外知名大廠企業主、企業接班人、高階經理人與創新領袖齊聚一堂,共同思考如何改變食農產業、突破創新,現場各界領袖與講師互動熱烈,並互相交流珍貴意見、激盪創新火花。

29 Jun 2018

Audi Innovation is about shaping the future of smart mobility and fostering a smart mobility community in Taiwan. The concept of Mobility has become increasingly dynamic and it was never more in change than today. Moreover, Taiwan is a perfect environment for smart mobility innovations. It´s not about one disruptive technology like railway or car engines anymore. It´s about a development and adoption of technologies and the affiliation of technologies from various different sectors. Audi Innovation is focused on Urbanization, Digitalization and Sustainability. There were nearly one hundred startups that applied, all relevant to the three pillars. However, only 14 were selected.

06 Jun 2018

台灣奧迪舉辦的首屆 Audi Innovation Award,歷經近 3 個月徵件及初選,於 5 日在 COMPUTEX 隆重舉行決賽,14 家入圍的台灣新創菁英分別自人工智慧(Artificial Intelligence)、商業數位化(Digital Business)、城市化(Urbanization)與永續性(Electric Mobility & Sustainability)四大主題切入,勾勒台灣未來智慧移動的面貌;重量級講者 Audi 產品創新部門負責人 Volker Kaese、NVIDIA 自主機器部門副總裁暨總經理 Deepu Talla、IBM 全球企業諮詢服務部門合夥人吳建宏也發表專題演講,揭露實踐未來移動的方向。

21 May 2018

The Audi Innovation Award 2018 will be the first ever event powered by Audi towards building a Smart Mobility Community in Taiwan! This full-day event includes a wide range of activities including startup pitches, industry leaders' speeches, panel discussion and a great opportunity for networking.
Join us at the event

29 Apr 2018

今(26)日舉行的新創Pitch盛會「TA #3 Demo Day & TOP100 Taiwan 2018」,首度結合台灣創速Demo Day與Echelon TOP100台灣地區決賽,總共三十支優秀團隊,涵蓋區塊鏈、AI、AR、IoT、大數據、廣告科技、金融科技、農業科技、醫療保健、硬體、電商、網路平台等領域,顛覆傳統又貼近市場的商業模式及產品,讓到場的幾百名投資界與企業界人士讚嘆連連。

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10 Jan 2018

Visit us at the ‘International Mediterranean Tourism Market 2018’ (IMTM) in Israel at the Tel-Aviv Convention Center, in booth #103, Pavilion 2, from the 6th-7th February and explore why Taiwan is an amazing place to visit!

04 Sep 2017

Taipei City is hosting “2017 Global Startup Talents@Taipei Program" for international technological startups in IoT, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, and ICT to create business opportunities and engage with Taiwanese partners as a strategy to enter China and Asia market.

Apply with this form

Event date: November 15th - 30th, 2017

Deadline for application: September 30th, 2017

31 Aug 2017
National Chengchi University (NCCU) delegation, along with Hanoch Kaftzan, meeting at the Israeli Innovation Center, located at the Peres Peace House in Jaffa, with Chemi Peres, Managing General Partner and Co-Founder of Pitango and chairman of the Peres Center for Peace.
The delegation visit focus was to explore Israel's encouragement of innovation in social enterprises startups.

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