09 Jan 2017

The Mayor of Taipei, Ko Wen-je (柯文哲), touted Taipei’s strength in the information communication technology and biotechnology sectors as he elaborated on his previous remark that Taoyuan is only enjoying the “leftovers” of Taipei’s high-tech industry.

16 Jan 2017

Cheng’s company, Mita Eco Fungi, is one of a growing number of farms that aim for zero waste, a model that became a hot topic after the Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen, declared that a “circular economy” is key to Taiwan’s future.

18 Jan 2017

The National Applied Research Laboratories under the Ministry of Science and Technology signed an agreement Jan. 5 with National Cheng Kung University in southern Taiwan’s Tainan City to cooperate in the research and development of low-carbon and green energy technologies.

17 Feb 2017

As Taiwan's largest industry association, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) plays a representative role in the ICT industry of Taiwan. It works closely together with the government, academic and research institutions and Taiwan's leading companies to facilitate business and collaboration.

22 Mar 2017

In just 24 years, between 1993 and the end of 2017, Taiwan will have gone from an “aging population” with some 7% of the population 65 years old or older to an “aged society” with 14% of its population elderly. Further, by 2025, one in five Taiwanese will be 65 years old or older, putting Taiwan in the ranks of the super-aged societies.

03 May 2017

The government plan to invest NT$250 billion (US$8.32 billion) in the aquatic environment. The investments are to preserve water resources and address climate change and homeland security needs. “If the government does not invest in building a better aquatic environment now, future generations will live with the threats of either droughts or floods”.

04 May 2017

Taiwan is seeking a budget of NT$2 billion (US$66.5 million) over the next four years for the establishment of the robot development facility, which is to be called “The Maker Space.”

The government is planning to spend NT$882.49 billion over the next eight years to fund infrastructure work in Taiwan to create 40,000 to 50,000 new jobs.

22 Feb 2016

The 2016 American Chamber in Taipei Business Climate Survey is out! 

Check it out here.

As it is the 6th survey AmCham is conducting, progress can be seen through years thanks to more than 50% members participating - mainly top executives. Profits from 2015, forecasts and trends for 2016 are shared. 

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