Taipei ranked world’s 58th-most liveable city, index shows

Taipei has been ranked as the world’s 58th-most livable city, moving up two places in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index.

Taipei edged past the South Korean capital, Seoul, which dropped one spot to 59th from last year, the report released yesterday said.

For the first time, the Austrian capital, Vienna, topped the list of 140 cities surveyed, dislodging Australia’s Melbourne, which had held first place for a record seven consecutive years.

Although Melbourne and Vienna have registered improvements in livability over the past six months, increases in Vienna’s ratings, particularly in the stability category, have been enough for the city to overtake Melbourne, the report said.

Vienna’s top ranking also reflected improvements in stability and safety in Europe, which has had to step up security due to a higher perceived threat of terrorism, the report said.

Vienna, with a score of 99.1, and Melbourne (98.4) were followed by Osaka, Japan (97.7); Calgary, Canada (97.5); Sydney, Australia (97.4); and Vancouver, Canada (97.3).

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