Taiwan Accelerator Invests in 8 Startups

After nearly two months of applications, selection and panel interviews, Taiwan’s first seed accelerator – Taiwan Accelerator, has finally selected 8 out of 153 startups to provide with seed money and follow-up mentorship. In a country that does not place importance in seed investments, this is an unprecedented number of startups being invested in a single batch.

The 8 startups chosen are all quite distinctive, ranging from O2O e-commerce, sharing economy and big data, to agricultural technology, tourism, and hardware. For example, in light of the negative impact pesticides have on our health and the environment, ShenNong Taiwan has developed an integrated pest-trapping device that can detect pest density and uses a “bio-induced pesticide substitute (BIPS)” to lure pests and disrupt their mating activities. It can be used on rice, vegetable, fruit and tea crops to prevent plant diseases and insect pests, successfully moving away from environmentally destructive and unhealthy chemical fertilizers and pesticides to natural and non-toxic organic cultivation.

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