Tsai Pledges Support for Semiconductor Industry

A series of policy initiatives aimed at building Taiwan into a global information and communications technology solutions center were recently proposed by ROC President-elect Tsai Ing-wen.

These include a talent recruitment scheme, stable electricity, land and water provisions for semiconductor fabs, and closer cooperation with mid- and downstream integrated circuit manufacturers. Tie-ups with innovative sectors like biomedical, green energy, Internet of Things, national defense and smart machinery are also on the cards.

“Semiconductors are key to Taiwan’s economic transformation,” Tsai said during a March 3 meeting with more than 20 business leaders at Hsinchu Science Park—a cluster of high-tech companies in northern Taiwan. “My administration will take a central role in assisting such cross-industry collaborations to give Taiwan a distinct and unified presence in the international marketplace.”

The Democratic Progressive Party chairwoman also expressed interest in industry challenges connected with intensifying competition from South Korea and mainland China. The incoming government is expected to be bullish when it comes to strengthening youth science education and providing subsidies for employer-backed IC-relevant doctoral degrees. A national investment bank and beefed-up investment funding are two other initiatives in the pipeline.

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