President Ma touts NT$36 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan

President Ma Ying-jeou stated that the government plans to spend US$1.1 billion over the next nine years under the Productivity 4.0 Project that was introduced in July to improve Taiwan's economy. 

Taiwan's industries have a competitive edge in the areas of automation, use of internet combined with electronization, big data, and smart manufacturing technologies.

These advantages can be integrated into the Productivity 4.0 Project, which is focused on the development of Taiwan's eight main industries, including the in formation and communication technology, machinery, food and textile sectors.

It is hoped the productivity project will help Taiwan's manufacturing industries record per capita productivity growth of 60 percent over a nine-year period from 2014, to reach NT$10 million by 2024, Ma said. The 2024 per capita productivity target for the service sector is NT$2.3 million and for the agricultural sector NT$2.5 million.

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