Overseas Firms to Invest, Create Jobs Opportunities

Pharmaceutical company Merck Group, SunEdison Semiconductor, Scan-D Corp and Decathlon SA are among 66 overseas companies that have pledged to invest and create jobs in Taiwan over the next three years. This shows confidence in the Taiwanese market.

Overseas investors are to bring a total of NT$156 billion (US$4.76 billion) worth of investment, creating more than 15,000 jobs. Decathlon, the world’s second-largest sporting goods retailer will invest NT$12.6 billion as the company already purchases materials worth NT$3.5 billion per year from local suppliers.

Merck Group has pledged to invest more than NT$5 billion in Taiwan and is to purchase semiconductor and pharmaceutical-related products from domestic suppliers. As for SunEdison Semiconductor, they promised to invest more than NT$5 billion in Taiwan, including setting up a research and development center.

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