Why Us

Why Us

Conducting business in a different country or region is a challenge in itself. With it comes an entirely new business environment, a completely different culture, difficult language barriers, and time zone gaps. All of these become obstacles, making the process and the road to success longer and costly. At Anemone Ventures, we are here to help you bridge these gaps in order to capture the opportunities of vast and fast growing markets. Our understanding and experience with business environments of East and West enable us to expand your business effectively while building structures for growth.

When entering Asia, we encourage you to adopt an approach that is different from what you have been practicing in more familiar regions. It is a common mistake to treat Asia as one. Each country has its own unique culture, business habits and language. Mastering the differences is the first key to an efficient market entry.

Your partners in Asia would want to see you adjust to their country market's specific requirements and particular needs. They are looking for long-term and valuable business relationships. They expect availability, understanding, quick capacity to adapt, and support with legal and technical requirements.

When needed, we will conduct a thorough feasibility study to assess your market entry strategy, manage your budget carefully and avoid risks. Throughout this process, we will identify business prospects to approach, sales channels to consider, and partners to contact.

We ensure that you have a solid, on-going representation on the ground, and we will walk this journey with you following your budget, timeline and business goals.



By working with Anemone Ventures, you can reduce the time-to-market, while maximizing results and establishing a solid structure for growth. With a team of professional based in Israel, Asia and Poland, Anemone Ventures allows you to benefit from our broad reach across multiple industries, functions, and geographies.

Step by step, we open new markets and meet your business needs:

  • For greater market visibility, we conduct market entry and feasibility study, identify your unique competitive advantage, and screen potential business partners.
  • We facilitate business partnerships by utilizing our local network and bringing decision makers to the negotiation table.
  • We ensure proper operational execution and local representation. Our clients benefit from our ongoing communication with their partners' multi-level senior staff and different functions.
  • We assist our clients in establishing a local presence and protect their interests on the ground.
  • By supervising operations locally and by acting as a bridge, we establish a proper two-way communication and establish a structure for growth and long-term relationship.
  • With a proven record of success in diverse industries, we focus on milestones and agreed-upon goals and work closely with our clients to attain them.

Headquartered in Taiwan

Why Taiwan?

Anemone Ventures established its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan for many appealing reasons. Overshadowed by China and at times forgotten, Taiwan stands as an anchor for businesses considering entry strategies into Asia and China. Its advanced economy alone also offers many different business opportunities and has some of the leading companies in multiple industries in the world. In addition, Taiwan is strategically located within a 4-hour flight to most of the major markets in Asia. Coupled with a strong legal system to protect IP rights and a highly-skilled workforce, Taiwan is often called the Silicon Valley of Asia, as many international technology industries rely on Taiwan for manufacturing and R&D support.

Taiwan plays a central role in the supply chain of the IT industry. It has also become the center for high-tech OEM/ODM, as well as product R&D and testing in the Chinese market. Since the normalization of cross-strait relations and the resulting growth of trade between the two sides in recent years, Taiwan has positioned itself to be the best choice for enterprises to enter the Chinese market and further expand their businesses on a global scale.

Multinational Executives Recognize Taiwan:

Vincent Shih, Assistant General Counsel and GM of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs  Microsoft Taiwan Corp.

"Taiwan has a number of advantages. The well-educated talent is a key factor. Another is the convenient supply chain ecosystem within a compact area, and also the strong foundation in hardware – which is an asset but also a hindrance to the transition to new industry. Also worth mentioning are the mature IPR laws and Taiwan’s central geographical position in the region. Taiwan can serve as a very good test-bed, which is one reason why Microsoft set up our AI center here. China isn’t ideal in this regard because it’s too big and presents too many uncertainties, but MNCs wanting to develop their Chinese-speaking market can use Taiwan as the test-bed. The Taiwan government’s determination to develop the AI industry is a very good sign, because Taiwan has been a bit stuck in its hardware and manufacturing-based mentality, and AI without a doubt is the next big opportunity for Taiwan..." 

Daniel Tseng, President, Corning Display Technologies Taiwan

"Currently there are areas of uncertainty like cross-Strait relations and the intentions of the U.S. government in this region. But there are also sound reasons for a certain level of confidence in Taiwan’s future economic growth. High-tech businesses in Taiwan continue to enjoy competitive advantages in terms of value chain integration, the flexibility of operations here, and the presence of skilled suppliers. As a result, core industries like semiconductors and other technology-oriented sectors are still doing well, but so are many smaller companies in traditional industries. Everyone is adopting new methods to survive, and the government has been supportive....The quality of the workforce is one of Taiwan’s great strengths. Taiwanese talent stands out because of three qualities: loyalty, consistency, and dedication..."

Dan Silver, General Manager, Abbott Vascular Taiwan

"The quality of the people is truly Taiwan’s greatest asset....Most people aren’t aware of how good the standard of living is in Taiwan, its convenient transportation and communication links in the region, and the quality of the schools. ...." 

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