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At Anemone Ventures, we take pride in our commitment to the satisfaction and achievement of our clients goals. Not only do we ensure that our high-quality services are available regardless of time and language differences, we also strive to exceed our clients' expectations.

We only consider ourselves successful when we provide our clients with the services they need before they ask for it, be it regarding partner's relations, market information or management counsel.

Internally, we hold dear the values of personal development, diversity and having an international mindset. Our belief in constant learning and professionalism enables us to continually improve our services, making our clients goals our mission.

As part of our social responsibility, we consider our role to help young professionals and entrepreneurs reach their full potential. Therefore, we often provide intrenship opportunities and mentorship to start-up.


2009 -  Founded in 2009 in Taipei, Anemone Ventures grew to become a hub for businesses, connecting companies and innovators from around the world through its extensive network. Leveraging its unique expertise in market entry and business development with technological industries. Anemone Ventures established itself as an international brand, expanding business opportunities in Asia for its clients.

The company name was inspired by the Anemone Coronaria red flower, which is both common and beloved in Israel. The red color also symbolizes luck, prosperity and good fortune in the Chinese culture.

2012 - Established its representation office in Israel to be closer to innovation and R&D developments that are suitable and adaptable in Asia. It has also become an official service provider of the Israeli Export Institute.

2014 - Broadened its professional workforce with technical and multinational talents to provide better ground support for its technological clients.

2017 - Opened its representation office in Poland to be closer to its European clients.

The company was selected as a finalist in Better Business Awards 2017 under the category of Diversity Award by the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei. The award shows the company's value and approach towards equality, diversity, and inclusion. 
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