About Us

About Us

Since our establishment in 2009 in Taipei, we have helped corporations engage with innovative technologies, and expand both their competitiveness and market reach.

We help you foster business partnerships, R&D projects, investments, sales growth, and build strategic alliances. Through connecting you with targeted partners, we help you access the markets full potential.

Additionally, we help identify and bridge pioneering technologies with their relevant strategic partners. This is achieved by enabling you to reach, engage, and integrate cutting-edge technologies with technology enterprises.

Our involvement begins with identifying your business needs, concepts and goals. This leads to developing appropriate solutions and working on their execution. Using our expertise and experience in innovation and technology, we deploy a systematic work process of:

  • Searching, identifying, screening, and selecting relevant partners
  • Utilizing our network and accessing industry professionals and experts
  • Engaging with local partners, decision makers, and influencers
  • Securing deals in your best interest
  • Commercializing new technologies
  • Utilizing cross-culture business management and multi-layer seniority levels
  • Building overseas business development strategies and execution plans
  • Reaching relevant innovative technology solutions and teams

Our focus industries include: semiconductors, flat-panel displays, machinery and industrial automation, information and communications technology (ICT), lifescience, smart mobility, new energy, agriculture and water technologies, internet of things (IoT), FinTech, and more.

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